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Learning how to handle an emergency plumbing situation is essential for mitigating damage while you wait for Zack’s Best Service Inc. While we aim to respond quickly to urgent calls, you’ll likely be fending for yourself, at least for the first few minutes while we send our best nearest available technician.

In the meantime, here are a few things you can do in the event of a plumbing emergency while you wait for your trusted plumber in Temecula, CA to arrive.

Shut off the water

During plumbing emergencies such as a burst pipe or an overflowing toilet or sink where there are copious amounts of water involved, it’s important to remember to shut off the water supply valve to prevent flooding and water damage. If the issue is with your toilet, the water valve is typically located on the wall behind the toilet or around that vicinity. Turn it clockwise with caution.

Check the water heater

In a severe emergency, it is vital to turn off the water to prevent the unit from being damaged. After turning off the main valve, the heater should be turned off to prevent the welling up of heat, which may lead to an increased risk of overheating or bursting. Furthermore, if you use a gas water heater, the gas should be turned off first as you wait for the technician from our plumbing company.

Tackle minor leaks

Small leaks that are easy to identify should be stopped as much as possible. Some tools for plumbing, such as sealants and tape, will make it much more manageable. Additionally, towels and rags can be stuffed around pipes or buckets put under leaks to prevent further damage. While identifying the leaks, one should note them down to let the plumbers know once they arrive for the plumbing repairs.

These steps can help you be prepared in case of plumbing emergencies, but you should let the pros handle the rest. Contact Zack’s Best Service Inc. for any plumbing concern.

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