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Water heating maintenance might not be on top of everyone’s to-do list, but it’s definitely something that should be done regularly by your preferred plumber in Murietta, CA. Water heater maintenance is important and must be done as part of your routine to ensure your indoor comfort. If you wait until your water heater breaks down, you may be in for a costly repair or replacement.

Luckily, these water heater maintenance tips, along with top–notch water heater services offered by our plumbing company, can help keep your water heater in good working condition.

Conduct Regular Inspection

While you don’t have to get your water heater checked every month, it pays to have it inspected at least twice a year just to make sure there are no issues that could lead to emergency plumbing situations.

Insulate Your Water Heater

If you’re looking for a way to boost your water heater’s energy efficiency, then insulating it is a good option. The insulation protects against standby heat loss, saving energy. It also prevents damage to the wiring, as well as damage to plumbing pipes and your property in general.

Flush Sediments Periodically

Tank-based water heaters and tankless water heaters alike need to be flushed at least once a year since they tend to accumulate mineral deposits, especially if you have hard water. Sediment and mineral buildup can affect the efficiency of your water heating system, so it’s imperative that these types of blockages be taken care of before they can cause considerable damage and require plumbing repairs.

Clean Your Air Intake Filter

The air filter is another area that requires regular maintenance. This aspect of heating maintenance allows you to remove water from the heater before it is used. A clogged air filter can slow down the efficiency of the water heater.

Work With the Right Heating Services Provider

Any plumbing work you’ll be needing should only be done by professionals. If you have any concerns regarding your water heater, contact Zack’s Best Service Inc. for an appointment.

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