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Plumbing Maintenance Checklist to Start the Year Right

Plumbing issues have a way of springing up at the most inopportune of times–often with catastrophic effects. That’s why having regular inspections of your plumbing system’s key components is a must. And with a reliable plumber in Menifee, CA, like Zack’s Best Service Inc., you can prevent various types of issues from happening in the first place.

With this checklist, you can start things right so you can be worry-free all year long. The majority of these items pertain to the areas where the most plumbing components are located. However, it’s also important to check other parts of the house, such as the water heater in the basement and the outside spigots for leaks.


One of the most frequently inspected components is the faucets in a bathroom and kitchen. Be sure to check them regularly for possible leaks. Replace washers that have gone bad and resulted in leaks. For other faucet leak issues, consult a reputable plumbing company.


Drains in the kitchen sink and bathrooms can get clogged with food particles and hair. Instead of waiting for a full clog, use a drain cleaner regularly to remove the buildup. If the clog doesn’t clear with store-bought cleaners, call a plumber for help to prevent emergency plumbing situations from happening.


Toilets can get damaged over time. Aside from the tank, various components such as the seat and the wax ring can also wear out and require replacement. Replacing old, worn-out toilets can be done with ease as long as you’ve got a dependable plumber working for you.

Septic and Sewer

Regularly checking your sewer line and septic system can help prevent possible issues that could have serious repercussions on your health. Having a septic system regularly maintained can also help you avoid costly repairs. Make sure the system is in good condition by having it inspected once a year. Also, be sure to prevent the improper disposal of food and other materials down the drains since they can damage the system.

Irrigation System

When it comes to lawn sprinklers, it’s important to check the systems regularly to make sure they’re operating properly. Winterizing the system can also help prevent it from freezing and causing the pipe to burst.

Regularly checking your home inside and out for plumbing issues is important. You will be able to find issues early before they become unfixable and cost too much to repair. Call a professional company like Zack’s Best Service Inc. for affordable plumbing repairs and maintenance. Reach out to us today!

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