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An air conditioning system is essential for optimal indoor comfort. If you’re considering installing a new cooling unit for your home, it might be beneficial to know how long it would take for your air conditioning services provider to install your new AC.

Air conditioning installation is a job that requires the expertise of trained professionals. Needless to say, you should only work with the pros for this job. Nevertheless, the time it will take to complete an AC installation should be more or less the same. Here’s a ballpark of the timeline.

AC Installation Duration

Getting an AC unit installed typically shouldn’t take all day, but it could take up to 8 hours. There are, however, some external factors that can affect how long the actual air conditioning replacement or installation will take.

Getting the System Situated

It might add to the work hours if you’re getting an AC system installed somewhere a bit less accessible, like the second (or third) floor. We can use ladders as we do when performing air conditioning maintenance, sure, but we’d still have to bring a few equipment here and there.


Removing any old ducts, insulation, or other materials blocking the way, installing new ductwork and pipes, or even having to cut up your wall for an inverter system – these could eat up a considerable amount of time. Once this has been completed, we’ll still need to inspect to make sure everything is in place. We go straight to the installation process, doing so efficiently and not cutting corners.

Other Services

We’ll carry out any additional work that needs to be done, like if one of your existing units need an air conditioning repair in Murrieta, CA.

In a best-case scenario, your installation should take about one day for just about everyone. Air conditioning systems are a big investment, so you need to be sure that you’re hiring an expert to install it. Contact Zack’s Best Service Inc. and get your air conditioning installed promptly and efficiently.

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