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Foolproof Tips to Steer Clear of Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies have a way of sneaking up on you at the most inopportune of times.

Swift action needs to be taken if you are to keep your home free from health hazards.

Fortunately, with ample maintenance, you can curb such emergencies. To get in touch with a qualified plumber in Murrieta, CA, turn to Zack’s Best Service Inc.

Here are some common tips that keep your piping in order.

Take Extra Steps to Reduce Drain Blockage

While you may have a garbage disposal to break down waste in your sink, your shower and other drains are vulnerable to clogs. Have mesh sink strainers installed that can catch debris in between plumbing maintenance routines These can occasionally be pulled out and emptied to rid your drains of hair and lingering soap scum.

Don’t Flush Everything

A large percentage of plumbing repairs are toilet-related. If you have an older septic tank, you have to pay special attention to what you flush. Feminine hygiene products, cooking oil, and diapers are examples of things you should never flush down your toilet. If you find yourself regularly getting clogs, you may also need to change the tissue ply you use.

Avoid At-Home Chemical Treatments

While you may think that going to the store and purchasing drain de-clogging solutions saves you a service call, doing so actually does more harm than good. You’ll need frequent emergency plumbing services to remedy the damage. Have your drain snaked or plunged instead.

When it comes to your home piping system, the best solution is proper maintenance combined with professional help. To reduce the number of service calls you need annually, do your best to avoid behaviors that cause clogs and damage.

When you do need to hire a plumbing company, Zack’s Best Service Inc. is the perfect candidate for California residents. Reach out to us today for estimates and other inquiries!

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