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Energy Efficiency: How to Help Your AC Cool Your Home

As the leading provider of air conditioning services in California, Best Plumbing, Heating & Air knows the ins and outs of air conditioner efficiency and we’re here to help spread that knowledge to you. As summer creeps near, it’s time to start thinking about boosting the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

In this article, we give you the essential tips that will help your AC cool your home as efficiently as possible.

Keep Heat Out

There are many areas in your where home heat can slip in and cold air can slip out. One place to start is your windows: use window coverings or blackout curtains to keep the heat of the sun out of your home. After an air conditioning installation, consider having your home insulated as well. It can be challenging to keep a steady temperature in an uninsulated home, even with a properly functioning HVAC system.

Do Maintenance Work

There are several air conditioning maintenance tasks that will help your unit cool your home more effectively. For example, you can make sure the condenser unit, which is the portion of your air conditioner outside on a concrete slab, is clear of debris and has nothing like bushes close to it. You can also schedule an annual maintenance appointment with one of the experts on our team.

Keep the Thermostat Up

Lastly, keeping a close eye on your thermostat settings will help you save money and consume less energy. During the day, set your AC to 78 degrees, a good balance between savings and comfort. To facilitate sleep, turn it down a few degrees an hour before bed. If you need an air conditioning replacement, have a programmable thermostat installed at the same time, and these temperature changes can be made for you automatically.

In need of air conditioning repair in Murrieta, CA? The pros at Best Plumbing, Heating & Air are here to help you! If your AC is no longer keeping your home cool, give us a call and we’ll send over an experienced tech stat. Reach out to us today!

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