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Common Air Conditioning Issues

Air conditioners are complex systems, which explains why they are prone to several issues. While these issues can be just as complex as the system they result from, it greatly helps to be aware of the type of problems you might be up against, and whether an air conditioning repair in Murrieta, CA is enough for the job.

We’ve listed the common issues that our air conditioning services here at Zack’s Best Service Inc. can efficiently address:

  • AC Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant found in air conditioners helps the system produce cold air. So when an AC unit encounters issues involving refrigerant leaks, the air conditioning system’s efficiency will be compromised. Moreover, freon, the gas substance used as the refrigerant, can present health risks when you’re exposed to it.

Get in touch with your air conditioning maintenance specialist so that the appropriate fixes can be applied.

  • AC Running Constantly

Air conditioners run more often during the summer or hot months. However, they should power off during the standard cycle. An air conditioning unit that cycles frequently, or shorter than 15 to 20 minutes, can cause your energy bill to skyrocket. The AC problem could be due to issues with the thermostat, air filters, compressor, or electrical parts. An air conditioning replacement might be necessary if the affected components are damaged beyond repair.

  • Strange Noises

If your air conditioning unit is producing sounds other than constant humming when operational and clicking when cycling, an issue might be present. Usually, strange noises from an AC could be due to a faulty internal belt or motor bearing issues. It could also be because of loose parts due to improper air conditioning installation. 

  • Dirty Filter

AC filters allow proper circulation of air, so if they’re  clogged or dirty, the system’s airflow is restricted. As a general rule, air filters should be changed every three months. There are also filters that are washable and reusable.

These are some of the issues homeowners are likely to encounter with their air conditioners. Ultimately, proper maintenance and professional air conditioning installation can help prevent most of these issues. Contact Zack’s Best Service Inc for efficient repairs.

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